Can you tell if your weed is dry enough to finish trimming and begin curing? How come it matters? So how do you dry weed? If the cure is too early, and your weed too wet, there is a risk of the weed molding in the jar. If the cure is with weed too dry, there is little to no cure and your weed will smoke harsh, like the cut grass from your front lawn. So, it is important that the plant is at the proper point to trim and bottle cure.


Cut down for plant for drying. The plant is trimmed as desired of fan/sugar/other leaves and hung upside down to begin drying. Growers may fully trim the plants when hanging plants to dry, or fully trim plant when drying is complete. The easiest way is to trim plants before drying, or hung upside down.

Keep the humidity of the environment at 45% – 55%. It is important to maintain air humidity and the easiest environmental element to control. Circulate the air gently. Do not use direct fans on the plants as this would dry them too quickly. The dry should be gradual, not quick. After 4 – 5 days, begin checking plant for dryness. Around 10 days after plants hung upside down, plants should be dry enough for final trim, and putting plants in jars for curing. Is the plant dry enough for ya?


The simplest way to tell if your plants are dry enough to begin curing, is to take a twig and/or a branch and try to snap it. If it has a clear snap without breaking through, the plant is ready for curing. If the branch bends without a snap, the plants needs to continue to dry. Adequately dry the plant. Then it is time to cure the plant. Curing your plants gets the best aroma, flavor and terpene profile. To learn about curing your plants, go watch the episode of how to grow seed to weed. Go read the Cure to What Ails Ya article.

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