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Seed to Weed – Sexing

This article helps cultivators grow seed to medicinal weed. How do you tell if your plant is female or male? Continue the read and this article will show you how to tell the sex of your plant. Sex matters because female plants are the desired plant. Why females? The female plant has the THC content and the characteristics that interest people and patients in growing medicinal cannabis. And if you are a breeder, then, the male plants become important. Male plants are necessary to pollinate female plants to reproduce the current strain or cross breed the plant with a different strain.

How to tell sex – Male

To determine the sex of a weed plant, the plant needs to be in full vegetative growth. When you want to learn the sex of the plant, turn the light source to a cycle of 12 hours on and 12 hours off. The light cycle signals to the plant that it is time to flower and bud. It is during the flowering and bud stage that the plant shows its sex. It will take 7 – 10 days after the light cycle was switched to a 12 hour on and 12 hour off, the plant should begin to show sex, male of female.

The male plant will begin to show a small grape like cluster of pollen balls. These are very distinct.

How to tell sex – Female

Follow the light cycle setting above. In 7 – 10 days the plant should begin to show its sex. The female plants will present feather, or thread like pistils. These are very distinct.

How to Breed Seed to Weed

When you see the pollen ball grape clusters and you have a desire to breed your plants, then carefully remove the whole plant from the grow room. Isolate the plant. The goal is to remove the plant from the room without bursting the pollen balls. If the pollen balls burst in the grow room, it is likely that the female plants will seed. If you want to breed, check this article out from Cannabis Business Times. Carefully remove the plant from the grow room and once plant is isolated, clip the pollen ball grape clusters into a sterile, air tight containers. You can use the pollen ball to fertilize a female plant to produce seeds by dipping a small brush into the pollen cluster, breaking the cluster, and brush the dust onto the pistil of a female plant and that plant are will produce seeds.

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