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How to Cure Weed

This article is about how and when to cure your recently dried cannabis plants. Once a plant is adequately dried, it is time to cure. Go to this link to learn how to dry cannabis and learn if your cannabis dry enough for curing. At this time, the plant should be completely trimmed to liking. All large fan leaves, are trimmed down to the bud, as close as personal preference.

The buds are placed in air tight, unbreatheable containers, Usually glass Mason jars with air tight lids. High quality, food certified, air tight plastic containers may be used, however, Mason jars are the preferred old school method of curing medical cannabis. Large cultivators can get very large ginormous air tight glass containers to cure large quantities of medical marijuana.

Cure Process

The trimmed buds are placed, medium tight, in the jar. Leave enough space inside the containers to allow the cannabis to breathe. Once the buds are in the containers, close the containers tight. Each day, shake each container and then open the lid to let the container breathe. This part of the process is called “burping”. This process continues until all containers are burped. Burping must be done daily. It is done to prevent the cannabis from getting mold. Mold is the enemy of the cure process.

How Long

The cure process begins in the first 24 hours in the containers. Noticeable aroma and flavor changes begin within 2 weeks. You may begin consuming the contents of the containers within the first day, however, the aroma and flavor of the plant gets better as the cure processes longer. Consume as necessary thereafter and personal preference decides. You can continue to cure cannabis for long as it remains in the jar. Take good care.

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