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Last Chance Asylum was established

Last Chance Asylum was established to provide current, reliable medical marijuana research, education, information, and resources. We strongly believe that cannabis has many medical benefits. The public gains from the growing knowledge and evidence-based research currently conducted regarding the use and efficacy of cannabis. Last Chance Asylum is an elite cannabis website. You will not find the best dispensary or which is the best cultivator. You will find current, relevant academic and other credible cannabis research. We do not do research; we collect, categorize and present cannabis research. We support the legalization of medical marijuana use. Last Chance Asylum supports marijuana’s grow your own community with their seed2weed videos.

Last Chance Asylum is a growing community. The community firmly believes in the legal home grow of medical cannabis. Medical marijuana use is a legal and civil right.  People should be allowed to grow their own medicine. It is a civil right. It is a legal right.  Last Chance Asylum provides education, information and resources for home growers. The Last Chance community gives support to the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana use.

Marijuana, weed, cannabis has become the most widely studied plant. Last Chance Asylum is dedicated to providing reliable, consistent information, and research to students and academics. Follow the links, read the articles. Give the community feedback. Click the seeds below and buy your seeds. Start gardening today. Guaranteed delivery. Bulk pricing available. Contact us.

Gardening at home

Last Chance Asylum supports gardening at home. The best medicine is grown at your own home. You know what goes in, and what comes out. You reap what you sow. Good energy in gives good energy out. Gardening at home is easy. There are all-in-one Grow kits available. All equipment is provided. Tent with reflective insides, lights (usually LED), grow buckets, fans,  and gauges. Just assemble and turn it on. Growers will need to provide growing medium and seeds. After you buy seeds from, choose the growing medium. The main choices are hydroponics or dirt. Watch the videos to see the pros and cons of each grow medium.  Go see the videos and decide.

Support the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana. It is a civil right. Check out NORML.