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Ukraine War Effects Cannabis Industry

Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine in February/March 2022, and no one cared whether the cannabis industry was effected by the War. Now, more than a year later, cannabis cultivation and legalization across Europe has been greatly effected by the war perpetrated on Ukraine. Clearly, the Ukraine war effects the cannabis industry. Just how does the war effect the cannabis industry? Read on and find out.

Logistics/Supply Chain Effected by Ukraine War

In February, 2022, High Times magazine , published an article. The article speculated on the effects the Ukraine war would have on the medical/recreational cannabis industry. The early concerns were about supply chain issues. Logistics was another issue. The cannabis industry needed, and used, considerable resources. Resources like water, electricity, fertilizer, and transport are necessary. Supply chain and logistics played a big role in getting those resources to the cultivators. Proper resources are necessary to grow medical cannabis. Patients across Europe rely on medical cannabis for their cancer treatments. Cannabis treats many ailments. The research and data exists. Especially on this site. Explore us and see the latest cannabis research.

Water Irrigation

Countries Effected by Ukraine War

Before Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, Ukraine had the largest hemp farm industry in Europe. Additionally, Ukraine was on the road to reform and legalization for use of medical cannabis. The impact on Germany and the Netherlands was great. These countries suffer because they could not get the resources, electricity, fertilizer necessary to cultivate the medical grade cannabis. Countries throughout Europe are effected by the Ukraine war. The flow of supplies across countries is slow, unpredictable and inconsistent. The hemp farm industry, like all farms, lack the resources necessary to grow medical grade cannabis.

What to Read Next

The article goes into great detail about possible effects of the war on the cannabis industry. It is a must read. Very informative. Check out the full text of this article!

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