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How to Grow Seed to Weed

How to grow seed to weed

What do Germinated seeds look like

When you want to know how to grow seed to weed you will need to know what a germinated cannabis seed looks like. The picture shows a germinated cannabis seed. A little tap root sprouts from the seed shell and the seed shell may remain like a hat on the leaf, top end of the sprout stalk.

Once a tap root shows, the sprout may be planted in the next growing medium of your choice. To learn how to grow seed to weed watch these videos.

Where to get seeds to weed

Seed genetics is the single most important thing that determines how good your weed could be. It is important to buy seeds from reputable seed dealers. Two seed dealers provide seeds with the purest genetics from the finest cultivators in the world, with guaranteed tracking delivery. and Check them out. Most reputable seed dealers will guarantee delivery and provide tracking. Sunny Cultivation is a U.S.D.A. licensed and permitted importer of cannabis seeds. Being able to use Mastercard and Visa on the website suggests reliability. Safe, secure, discreet and verified transactions are important.

How to grow germinated seeds to weed

Once you obtained great genetics, the next most important thing is to grow your cannabis in the optimal environment. Environment includes, growing medium (Hydroponics v. Soil),lighting (HPS v. Metal Halide V. LED), fertilization, air temperature, humidity, and amount of CO2 content in the air. Indoor growers can control their environment. This is an advantage as compared to outdoor growers.

This is what a germinated cannabis seed looks like.
Germinated cannabis seeds

Germinated cannabis seeds look like the image in the picture. A tap root emerges from the seed shell. Keep moist and transplant to your preferred choice growing medium. See the video on transplanting germinated cannabis seeds to the next growing medium. You need to choose between growing hydroponics or with soil. Watch all the other videos on how to grow seed to weed.

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