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The current medical cannabis research shows that there are many therapeutic benefits using cannabis extracts and compounds. CBD and other chemical components of cannabis like CBN, CBGA and CBDA are some of the common extracts that are proven helpful. The research strongly suggests that the chemical components of cannabis (THC, CBD and CBN) relieve pain, reduces chronic seizures, inhibits tumor growth, reduces inflammation, and acts as an immune-suppressant in patients with autoimmune disorders. (See article). The list could go on. (See link citations below to credible scientific medical cannabis research). 

Scientific cannabis research

Most of the current cannabis research concerns the numerous compounds that are discovered. These compounds are tested and found to relieve many ailments. The compounds include the chemicals CBD, CBN CBGA and CBGN.


The current cannabis research includes chemicals known as terpenes. Terpenes are natural chemicals of the cannabis sativa plant. The terpenes produce flavor and other characteristics in the cannabis flower. The consumer should research which terpene profiles best suit their medical needs.

Health Effects of Cannabinoids

This study looks at the health benefits of cannabinoids like CBD and CBN.

Other Effects of Cannabis Use

It turns out that there are benefits to cannabis use that were unintended. Alcohol use and opiate use fell significantly in legal medical States. In some States, the legalization of cannabis was to fight the opiate epidemic. It works. Marijuana use reduces the use of opiate dependence. Read the study and article below.

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