How to Grow Seed to Weed – Germinate

How to Germinate Weed Seed

When learning how to grow seed to weed, this is the best website. Medicinal weed, like building anything else, starts with a good foundation. The start of a good foundation begins with the SEED. So, search the genetics, chemistry, characteristics and medicinal properties you want to grow and you will find a seed strain to match.

Find Seeds

You will need seeds to grow seed to weed. When you are ready to purchase medicinal weed seed, go to or for a full inventory of medicinal weed seed from the world’s finest cultivators. Follow the links. You will find all strains needed for your medical ailment.

Germination Methods

Once you receive your seeds, they will need to be germinated. There are two principal ways to germinate weed seeds. The first way to germinate weed seeds is to place them between layers of wet, white, bleached, paper towels. The second method to germinate weed seeds is to use grow plugs.

Grow Plugs

If you use grow plug method, follow these instructions. Get the plugs soaking wet. The grow plug will swell. Place the seed in the plug and put it in the dark, warm place to germinate. In a few days the sprout will appear. Place plug into growing preferred medium.

Paper Towel

Paper towel method

If you use the paper towel method to grow seed to weed then, follow these instructions. Take a white bleached paper towel sheet and get it very wet, dripping wet. Squeeze the excess water out of the paper towel.

Lay the paper towel out flat and set your weed seed in such a pattern as to know which seed strains are which. This is important when using more than one seed strain within one sheet of paper towel. If germinating many seeds and many strains, use separate sheets of paper towels for each strain.

Once all the seeds are placed, fold the paper towels in a way as to cover the weed seeds. Keep paper towels wet, but not dripping. Depending on your particular environmental conditions, check the folded paper towel several times daily to make sure the paper towels remain damp, not dripping. Store folded paper towel in a warm place. Keep them damp.

How Long Do I Wait

In three days, unfold the paper towel for the first check for germinated seeds. Once the seeds are germinated, place the sprout in the next growing medium., If you need to know what a germinated weed seed looks like, hit this link.

If you need to know what the various growing mediums are, hit this link.

Which equipment to use to grow seed to weed, hit the link.

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