Grow seed to weed. Hydro or soil?

Grow Hydro or Soil Seed to Weed

This article is about the growers’ choice of growing mediums, hydroponics or soil. First, seed genetics are the single most important determinant of good weed. To get the best of the seed genetics, growers and cultivators need to have the best environment to grow the seed. The choices are between two basic types of grows, hydroponics or soil? Watch a video.

After the choice of seed genetics, the most important control is the environment in which the seed will grow. Indoor growers can control much of the cultivating environment. Environment includes soil/hydro choice, room temperature and humidity levels, water ph levels, fertilizer levels, and CO2 levels. For indoor cultivators, all these environmental conditions are grower controlled.

Hydro to Grow Seed to Weed

Hydroponics only uses liquid fertilizers pumped through tubes to the plants. The plant grows in a non-soil substance like rock wool (available at any local/or online hydro supply store), or other hydro friendly, non-soil grow medium. Hydro systems use a water barrel, or other appropriate vessel, and pumps, to pump fertilized water through tubes to the plant in its growing medium. Some hydro systems use an ebb and flow style, some use a drip per plant style. The ebb and flow systems use timed pumps that send fertilized water to a vessel where the plants rest. Once the water reaches a defined level, it ebb back to the source vessel.

The water ph and fertilizer levels are important to control and maintain. The water ph level must maintain between 5.5 and 6.5.

Fertilizer levels must be carefully watched and maintained. Follow manufacturers instructions carefully and precisely. Types of liquid fertilizers are growers and cultivators choice.

Drip systems use tubes to each individual plant with a timer and flow restriction that determines the frequency and amount of the drips. The amount and frequency of the drips are determined by many factors, including number of plants, the size of the plant containers, and the type of growing medium.

Go Grow Seed to Weed with Soil

So, you want to use soil to grow your seed to medicinal weed. Soil systems use dirt, soil as the growing medium. The combination of dirt types is most important. The medium must remain porous and a ph level between 5.5 and 6.5. Cultivators may use organic materials. Maintaining the proper ph level is the most important achievement. The medium must provide a good source for a root system to flourish as the roots nourish and hold the plant. The tap and capillary roots must be able to move through the soil easily. The roots need to absorb the nutrients.

Make Your Choice

Pros and Cons of Hydro

Lots of equipment, needs constant maintenance, testing, testing equipment and testing supplies.

Once system set up, nothing to do but watch plants grow. Check and maintain system.

All plants are connected to the same water system, so if system becomes contaminated or compromised (too much fertilizer, pumps break, etc.), all plants effected.

Pros and Cons of Soil

Dirty, lots of equipment, testing, testing equipment and testing supplies.

If one plant goes down all other plants ok.

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