This is the research you have been looking for. Cannabis kills cancer and here is the proof (Research). To the students everywhere looking for more help and research on medical cannabis and its benefits, look right here for your learning. Irrefutable evidence about cannabis killing colon cancer. Take a look at current research from the National Institute of Health.

US Government research proof

National Institute of Health (, publishes its research on cannabis. This study shows how cannabis kills cancer cells. It’s kind of an old study that proved in 2014 that cannabis reduced inflammation in colon cancer cells. also, this link shows all the current research the US National Institute of Health is conducting. These are important studies. The NIH is an special government department that does critical research and studies on cannabis.

Endo-cannabinoid system

How does cannabis work? Cannabis sativa has compounds CBD and CBN. The human body has a system that distributes CBD and CBN called the endo0cannainoid system. CBD and CBN attach to two receptors in the endo-cannabinoid system CB1 and CB2. The cannabis compounds prevent inflammation and growth of cancer cells. It is not yet known how CBD and CBN reduce inflammation, they just do. See this research.

Cannabis extracts do not have negative side effects that radiation and chemo-therapy have. However, cannabis extracts, like CBD and CBN may be best used as supplemental and not as sole therapies. Cannabis that attacks cancer cells does not damage any other surrounding tissue. Radiation and chemo destroys healthy tissue. More research on the anti-inflammatory therapies of cannabis is necessary.

Eat Cannabis

The best way to absorb the most CBD and CBN is by eating decarbonoxylated (pre-cooked not raw flower) cannabis. Smoking does not provide the amount of CBD and CBN that edibles provides. For medical purposes, cannabis CBN and CBD’s need to be fully absorbed into the endo-cannabinoid system.

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