Marijuana on the Ballot

Taking Steps to Legalize

Many states are taking steps to legalize marijuana. Their reason include looking for revenue and State legislatures see marijuana legalization as a way to boost tax revenue. Additionally, States are looking at current research studies proving the medical benefits of cannabis. Florida was among the group of states that are looking at putting recreational marijuana on the ballot. The citizens of Florida were able to get enough signatures on a petition to put recreational use of marijuana on the table for 2024.

Voter Influence

This means that voter influence had the desired effect. Nearly 60% of people in Florida signed a petition in favor of having the Florida Supreme Court legalize the recreational use of marijuana. The next step is for those voters vote for Florida’s supreme court to put the recreational use of marijuana on the ballot. Once the first two steps are completed, it is in the Floridian voters’ hands on whether or not they take the smart step forward and legalize cannabis use.

The smart step would be to legalize recreational use and make marijuana access to everyone. Marijuana should be available to anyone who needs it, in every state and the Floridian population is understanding that. There are some people that are still nervous about this issue, as it has been rejected twice in the past. But this year, the political action committee, Smart & Safe Florida is getting behind this proposition.

Floridian voters need to get out there and make sure that this gets through and passed!

Which States will go Legal?

There are 9 U.S. States with marijuana legalization on their ballots. So which State will go legal first? Your guess is as good as ours. The list includes Florida, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Carolina, South Carolina and Wisconsin. Also, Germany is set to be the largest country in Europe to legalize marijuana in 2024.  Last Chance Asylum used Marijuana Moment and found their information helpful. Their marijuana articles provide marijuana news and reports.  Last Chance Asylum believes in the medicinal and recreational use of cannabis as a human, legal and civil right. So, it needs to be put on the ballot and passed in ALL states. Support marijuana legalization.

What to do?

Last Chance Asylum believes that medicinal marijuana is a civil and legal right. Every person should be able to get their medicine without government restrictions. Especially a medicine as useful, and harmless, as marijuana. So, Last Chance Asylum advocates the legalization of marijuana use in all U.S. States and internationally. As a result, Last Chance Asylum advocates the legal grow your own seed 2 weed.

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