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It is well known that cannabis helps people. Can cannabis, in the form of CBD oil, be helpful for your dogs and cats? Yes! Only use CBD, and not THC cannabidiols. THC may be toxic to cats and dogs. CBD, is a marijuana extract. It is extracted from the Hemp plant. Hemp is defined as a cannabis sativa plant with less than 0.03% THC. CBD contains no THC. (See article).

Form of CBD for cats and dogs

CBD comes in many forms and varieties. Oils is the most common form. CBD comes in a glass bottle with a dropper. It is easy to give to your pet. CBD reduces inflammation. Our dogs and cats experience inflammation, just like humans. Our pets have arthritis, and other common human inflammation ailments. CBD is well known to reduce inflammation. Pets get relief from CBD because it reduces inflammation. Research of the CBD form of cannabis for pets is new and revealing (See article). There are many retail stores that sell pet CBD.

How do Veterinarians feel

Most veterinarians are not allowed to discuss the use of cannabis, or marijuana, with their patients. Outside of the veterinarian’s office they are more out spoken and advocate for the use of CBD for our pets. CBD form of cannabis, stops inflammation, and if it helps reduce inflammation in people, it’ll do the same for your cats and dogs. Veterinarians use many human treatments when treating our pets. It seems logical that if it works for humans, it may work for pets. Veterinarians have to make sure the different pet physiology is compatible with CBD. Humans have an endo-cannabinoid system as part of our physiology. Do our pets?

Where can I get CBD for my Pets?

There are many sources for CBD oils for you pets. The internet has many places to buy CBD for your furry friends. Last Chance Asylum recommends a number of sources for CBD for your pets. Try any of them. Mission Farms. Procana. Dr Strains CBD

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