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What Strain Are You?

Before the many strains of marijuana were developed, there were two umbrella-like categories, sativa and indica. The difference between sativa and indica matter. To know the chemical differences, a person can then be able to pick a strain one that best suits their medical applications. 

There are a variety of marijuana strains available, each with different benefits. Being informed on and choosing the right strain of marijuana for your needs is critical to ensure you are receiving the benefits you are seeking. For the most part, there are two overarching types of marijuana, indica and sativa. Here’s what you need to know before deciding what strain is right for your needs. The academic research has not been conducted to support the following anecdotal observations. And the anecdotal evidence is overwhelmingly supportive of the following findings.

The academic research will not show indica/sativa differences because there is no research conducted on this point.. The research concentrates on the chemical concentrations in cannabis, like how much CBDs, CBNs, and other medicinal chemicals are present. Therefore, the research will not differentiate between an indica strain and sativa strain. A user may find the terms useful in helping find the difference between the chemical factors and effects they like, for instance, creativity, energetic feelings versus feeling relaxed and stone-y. However, for purposes of the terminology, the terms sativa/indica have little usefulness on the medical effects of medical cannabis. 

In general, sativa strains are best for day-time use since these strains result in a head high, alertness, increased energy and euphoria, and can even increase levels of creativity.  Regarding the alleviation of physical and psychological disorders, Sativa strains are commonly used to treat depression, PTSD and anxiety. 

Indica strains are best for night-time use due to its relaxing properties. Indicas result in a body high rather than a head high, which is why it’s typically used for relaxation. It is also an appetite stimulator and can be used for sleep aid and pain relief. While sativas result in head highs and are best for treating psychological disorders, indicas are best for physical pain. Indicas are used to help people with arthritis and cancer. A great way to remember the difference between indica and sativa is this; Indica = In-da-couch!

Due to the differing effects of both of these strains, some people may be looking for a combination of the benefits that can be found in certain strains. This is why hybrids are available.  Hybrids are created by breeding a sativa strain with an indica strain. This way, consumers can feel the benefits of both types of marijuana. In dispensaries, customers are able to find hybrids that are sativa dominant or indica dominant according to what their needs are. 

Understanding what strain you are getting is why buying from dispensaries is always the safest and most reliable route to take. Buying marijuana from unreliable vendors can result in purchasing a strain that does not provide you with the benefits you may be seeking. Sticking to trustworthy, reputable dispensaries results in always knowing exactly what strain you are getting and the benefits that come with it. Keep in mind that employees at dispensaries are educated on their products and can help you find the strain that is right for you!