Dispensary Sales Drop as Black Market Sales Boost

Muddy River News, out of Quincy, IL had a March, 2022 article about how there was a drop in dispensary sales, but a boost in black market sales. The cannabis black market increased in Illinois even though the State became a legal recreational user State. Since the published article, Illinois dispensary sales for recreational and medical use has risen dramatically. So, too, has the black market sale of cannabis. Do you buy cannabis on the black market? Why would you buy on the black market when you could buy weed legally? Taxes. The State and local taxes on medical and recreational cannabis is high. Other trendy declines.

Do You Buy on the Black Market?

How come a weed user would buy cannabis on the black market, when they could legally buy cannabis in a authorized regulated dispensary? Answer is simple. Black market prices for weed have no taxes. It is cheaper, and in some legal cannabis States, the black market weed is as good, or better quality. That is because most State’s regulation on weed do nothing about weed quality. States only care about collecting their taxes. So, this is how there is a drop in dispensary sales as black market sales are boosted.

Quality of Black Market Weed

How good is the quality of the cannabis bought on the black market? Most times, its as good or better than the regulated cultivators. Only some States regulate the quality of the cannabis grown by legal cultivators. Many private black market cultivators are very good at growing high quality weed. Private growers take great pride in their produce. Legal cultivators in legal cannabis States are now owned by mega grow corporations that value profits over quality. And since there are little to no State quality controls, the legal cultivators grow cannabis that creates the most profit.

Medical Cannabis and the Black Market

Can you get medical quality cannabis on the black market? Certainly. Choose carefully. Know your cultivator. In most legal medical cannabis States, you are allowed to grow your own private cultivation with a limited amount of plants. Usually without a specific growers permit. All you need is your medical cannabis card.

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